How Do You Incorporate More Context In Your Social Media Content?

I\’m sure that many of us have experienced things that were out of context. It doesn\’t matter if it was something a friend said, or a video clip of somebody saying something that doesn\’t make sense. Things like this seem different when you aren\’t completely in the loop. You just don\’t know what\’s going on because you don\’t know the entire story.

This can happen when you post to your social media. Because there\’s so much content being posted on all of the social media platforms, there\’s some challenge there when it comes to sifting through everything you read.

This can be the same situation with the over 200 million businesses out there using using Instagram and Facebook alone. With all of these businesses connecting to their customers on social media, and in turn, a tidal wave of posts washing over social media users, how does this affect brands?

Thanks to the typical posts that business\’ put out there, it\’s easy to ignore them because they don\’t stand out in any way. If you want to get noticed, brands have to create something unique. They need to post content that is engaging and really stands out.

Casie Gillette has come up with a number of ways you could add more context to your social media content.

In her Search Engine Journal Ppost, she\’ll tell you about:

  1. Going beyond headlines
  2. Making better use of imagery
  3. Using your whitespace

Check out the article to get all the details of each of her tips to see if they can help you out with your social media content!

Scott Davenport

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