How Do You Design An HVAC Sales Process?

Regardless of whether you are running or working for a B2B or B2C business, sales is one of the most important functions of that business. Without it, you won\’t get any clients or customers, and with out people to sell to, you won\’t make any money. Without money, your business will fail.

Your sales team plays an important role of converting prospects into paying customers/clients that will help your business not only stay afloat, but grow. Because every customer and client are different, you have to be creative with how you make the sale. Any successful salesperson knows that you have to stay on their toes and be creative with how to make the sale.

No matter if you are a sales manager for an HVAC company, or you\’re the owner, you need to have some kind of process to go along with that creativity, so you can avoid any mistakes, all while maintaining the trust of your target audience.

What is a sales process?

So, how do you design a winning HVAC sales process?

Scott Merritt has written an ACHR post that will help you on your way to do so! The post shares the psychology of process creation, what you do after the sale, and more!

Check it out here now for the full post!

Scott Davenport

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