How Do You Create Content Pillars? (Infographic)

Is it that time that you should consider updating your SEO strategy? If that\’s the case, you might want to do it using something called content pillars. Content pillars are a tool that has the power to boost your Google search ranking by providing comprehensive information on essential topics and components.

In a nutshell, a content pillar is a comprehensive and authoritative exploration of a theme or topic that provides readers with everything they need in one place. It serves as the foundation of your content, with cluster pages interlinking to form a cohesive and comprehensive coverage of a particular subject.

Cluster pages dive deep into more specific types of the pillar\’s main topic, complementing the main theme of the pillar. With a content pillar, you can generate a number of ideas for cluster pages that offer more defined and specific information. Incorporating content pillars into your content creation strategy will enable your website or blog to provide readers with a comprehensive and informative resource on a particular subject.

To guide you in incorporating content pillars into your content creation strategy, check out the infographic below, created by Giraffe Social Media, which provides an overview of the content pillar approach. By leveraging the content pillar approach, you can create a more effective and efficient content strategy that will improve your website\’s search ranking and provide your readers with valuable and informative content.


Scott Davenport

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