How Do You Create Blog Post That Search Engines Love?

Blogging comes with quite a few challenges that magazine and other print writers don’t have to consider – with magazines, you want to get the reader to turn the page, but with a blog post, the reader doesn’t even have the magazine in their hands yet. As a blog content creator, you need to create a title that will draw in the reader. It needs to be interesting and inviting. Not only that, you need to have enough information that search engines will want to deliver that post to your reader to begin with.

This doesn’t come as a shock – we want to be notices, read and liked, and with blogs, they’ve got a lot of power to pull readers in if the content is done right.

So how do you craft a blog post that will get noticed by both the search engines and your readers? It’s all about writing the content in a way that’ll get seen by both.

But how do you do that? SEMrush as an article that’ll help you out with this quandary.

They discuss the following:

  1. The best way to get search engine sto love your content
  2. Learning what your audience wants
  3. Finding the right subjects to write about
  4. Crafting content the SEO way
  5. Analyzing your content for SEO engine friendliness
  6. Getting your blog to stay in the top ranks

Make sure to check out SEMrush for the details

Scott Davenport

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