How Do You Create A Winning Local SEO Content Strategy?


If you want to rank for local search results, you want people in a specific neighborhood, town, or geographic area to find and visit your website. Overall, your website might be selling items directly to customers, but many times, it probably helps people find your store, your practice, or to hire you for your skills or other services. These kinds of websites that focus on local audiences are different from national or global audiences.

Although Local SEO is typically seen as part of directory optimization, content is a large player found within it. Regardless of if you optimize your web pages for local terms, or you’re posting on local business blogs, content marketing is something you need to make sure you include in your local SEO strategies.

So how do you leverage content for your local SEO strategy so you can get more people to check out your local business?

Check out the Search Engine Journal post written by Jason Hennessey where he shows us how to create effective local content!

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