How And When to Use Subliminal Messages in Your Ad Copy

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Subliminal advertising is the act of placing fleeting or hidden images or messages in your ad copy in the hopes that viewers will process them unconsciously.

With subliminal messaging in your advertising content, you will hopefully strengthen the persuasiveness of your ad copy.

When it comes to ad copy, it becomes second nature after a while, and it can become a simple, straightforward component to your PPC strategy.

Even if writing ad copy is considered easy for you, it’s a good idea to never become complacent because of that. You want to always remember to get better and better at creating ads that influence your audience.

It’s one thing to create ad copy that shows what we want to say, but what do you ant users to feel?

Kim Shah shares with us three ways we can speak to people on a subconscious level by using subliminal messaging in your ad copy to get the response you’re looking for.

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