Google Says Not To Sweat Small Fluctuations

Based on an Ask Googlebot video from last month, Google explains why Search Console graphs can fluctuate when you haven’t made a single change to a website. I know how easy it is to question what’s going on, but what we have to understand is, that’s the way the internet works. Things are always in a state of flux.

According to John Mueller of Google, it’s normal for Search Console graphs to go up and down to some extent, regardless of what you do with your website.

Even though there usually isn’t a reason to be immediately concerned, but that doesn’t mean you should not worry at all.

Here’s the reason graphs can fluctuate even with out a single website update:

Mueller states:

“Google Search includes many incredibly complex and interconnected systems. Even small changes on one side can have a surprisingly visible effect. These changes tend to even themselves out overall. But when looking at the individual parts they can still be noticeable.

For example, if crawling from one data centre is minutely faster than usual, then that could cause changes to the content we have available for indexing. And, in turn, the content shown in search results.”

Mueller adds:

“Or perhaps you write an insightful social media post that suddenly becomes important and our system is focused on that a bit more. Either way, any of this could cause fluctuations in the charts.”

See the full video from Google below:

Scott Davenport

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