Fresh Out of Instagram Reels Ideas? Here Are 75 You Can Use Today

Are you an HVAC business looking to connect better with other companies in the industry on Instagram? Struggling to come up with creative video content ideas that showcase your B2B products and services?

Well, this is for you. Social media expert Angie Gensler has put together a valuable new resource – a compilation of 75 behind-the-scenes Instagram Reels ideas perfect for HVAC businesses targeting other HVAC clients and contractors.

The genius of this guide is that none of the Reels concepts require you to appear on camera yourself. Instead, you can highlight your offerings through instructional videos, product demos, manufacturing processes and more – all in an engaging short-form video format.

With Instagram pushing Reels content so heavily, having a steady stream of ideas lined up is clutch for HVAC marketers looking to maximize their reach on the platform. But creating consistent video can be tough, especially if your team isn’t comfortable being on camera.

Angie’s guide eliminates that hurdle with 75 ready-to-go Reels prompts made for showcasing your HVAC business’s B2B solutions without a personal video presence. From new product launches to insider facility tours, these ideas make it easy to give other industry pros a compelling window into your operations.

To unlock the full list of 75 strategic Instagram Reels concepts tailored for the HVAC industry, be sure to check out the complete post and infographic from Angie Gensler.

You can check out more on Angie Gensler’s blog.

Scott Davenport

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