Forecasting SEO Value: A Whiteboard Friday Guide for HVAC Businesses

SEO forecasting allows HVAC businesses to predict the value and impact of their organic marketing efforts. In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Tom Mansell provides valuable insights into quantifying and demonstrating SEO value.

As the Director of Organic Performance at Croud, Tom has extensive experience helping brands forecast, track, and optimize their SEO performance. In this video, he outlines key steps for HVAC companies to forecast potential organic traffic, connect SEO efforts to business KPIs, and calculate return on investment.

Specifically, Tom covers how to:

  • Set a baseline for current organic performance
  • Make data-driven predictions about how SEO can drive growth
  • Identify optimization opportunities to close performance gaps
  • Connect SEO performance to broader business goals
  • Calculate the revenue impact of SEO to demonstrate ROI

SEO forecasting provides a roadmap for strategically allocating resources and setting performance targets. By following Tom’s approach, HVAC marketing teams can better plan campaigns, inform budget decisions, and showcase the value of investing in organic marketing. Watch the full video for actionable tips on maximizing the business impact of your SEO efforts.

Scott Davenport

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