Facebook Shares New Research into Emerging Consumer Behaviors in New Zealand (Infographic)

The pandemic that we’ve been dealing with over the previous year has been….interesting. Because of COVID, practically everything we do in our lives have changed to some degree because of it, including how we interact with people in social settings, work, shopping, and more.

Since we have to live with these changes we’ve had to re-assess how we do things on a daily basis. According to new research from Facebook, these new processes we deal with on the daily have inspired all new perspectives and habits.

Facebook released a new study that looked at some brand new behaviors that are coming out of New Zealand. 5,000 participants were polled over a course of 6 months. In a nutshell, it seems that these consumers are looking to lifestyle improvements, self improvement and supporting local businesses.

Facebook took the data they collected from the study and put it in the following infographic.

You can read Facebook’s full ‘Future Now NZ’ report here.

Source – Social Media Today

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