Facebook Page Or Profile – Which Is Best For Marketing Your Business?

Do you think of Google the moment the topic of local search comes up? That’s alright, because most of us probably would. Luckily, Google isn’t the only place that has a great local search option – Facebook does as well!

According to Meta, “2/3 of Facebook’s weekly users across all countries surveyed say they visit the Page of a local business at least once a week.”

Anybody who’s been online for anymore than a month will know how popular Facebook is with people, as 2.91 billion people worldwide using one of their platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. With over 200 million businesses

As a B2B business such as yours, what works best for you – a business page or a business profile?

If you’re not sure what the difference is, here is a quick explanation:

  • With a business page, you have a way to communicate directly with a specific and targeted audience and can bee looked at as an ongoing focus group. People will follow your page because they are aware of your company and want to learn more.
  • With business profiles, Businesses can share contact information, post updates, share content, promote events and releases, as well as connect with their Facebook audiences.

Brent Csutoras wrote a post for Search Engine Journal where he discusses which is better for your business, a Facebook page or a personal profile, and how to start and optimize your page.

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Scott Davenport

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