Enhance Your Homepage Design: 20 Essential Elements for Optimization (and 5 Elements to Remove)

It goes without saying that homepage design holds great importance. As the gateway to your website, the homepage creates the initial impression on your visitors. Hence, it is crucial for any business owner with a website to craft a captivating and engaging homepage that enthralls the audience right from the moment they arrive.

In an insightful article published on Orbit Media Studios, Andy Crestodina delves into the realm of best practices for homepage design. Within his work, he shares a wealth of valuable insights, presenting 20 essential elements that can elevate your homepage design to new heights. These elements not only draw users in but also guide them seamlessly throughout your site. Additionally, Crestodina reveals five common elements that are better off discarded, enabling you to streamline and optimize your homepage for maximum impact.

Displayed below is a graphic providing a quick overview of the information presented on the website.

Here is a brief summary of the elements that Crestodina recommends removing from your website:

  1. Slideshows
  2. Social media icons in the header
  3. Pop-Ups
  4. Stock photos
  5. Vague copy

To access all the details, I recommend checking out the article.


Scott Davenport

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