Effective Strategies You Can Use to Discover Keywords That Lead to Conversions

When creating a content strategy, many businesses tend to prioritize building awareness and attracting a large audience. It makes sense because we want as many people seeing our businesses as possible. At the same time, it\’s also crucial that you concentrate on converting that traffic into paying customers. While it\’s important to increase visibility and generate website traffic, if your current content strategy isn\’t yielding the desired conversions, it may be time to evaluate whether you\’re targeting the right keywords that can effectively drive conversions.

To draw in visitors who are more likely to become paying customers, identifying and incorporating the appropriate keywords is essential. By incorporating the right keywords, you can attract individuals who are not just browsing your site but also more inclined to make purchases. Watch SEMrush\’s video for insights on identifying the ideal keywords that can aid in boosting conversions.

Scott Davenport

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