Does Word Count Matter When It Comes To SEO Content?

At some point, everybody who has done writing has had issues with word count. Whether you’re writing for a blog, or for an article, you ask yourself, “am I writing too much, or am I writing too little?”

Posts that are too short or too long can have an effect on your rankings, while content that is in the butter zone (that area that’s just right) tens do perform better. Sure, writing content that is short and sweet is quick and easy, but there probably isn’t “enough potential” to it that will help satisfy a reader’s need for answers they’re looking for.

There are digital marketing experts who have offered guidance on how you can improve your place in the rankings by following a set of recommendation for work count range.

Of course, there are debates on if word count on a page really matters in SEO, but does it?

Maddy Osman wrote a Search Engine Journal post where she tells us what we need to know about how much word count really matters in SEO.

Read it here to learn more!

Scott Davenport

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