Does Adding Content Daily Increase Your Rankings?

Does posting one content daily increase ranking?

This question was directed towards Google, who answered it this way:


Posting daily or at any specific frequency for that matter doesn’t help with ranking better in Google search results.

However, the more pages you have in the Google index, the more your content may show up in search results.”

One of the reasons that Google likely doesn’t crawl content is the general quality of a website.

Google’s John Mueller said:

“The other big reason why we don’t crawl a lot from websites is because we’re not convinced about the quality overall.

So that’s something where, especially with newer sites, I see us sometimes struggle with that.

And I also see sometimes people saying well, it’s technically possible to create a website with a million pages because we have a database and we just put it online.

And just by doing that, essentially from one day to the next we’ll find a lot of these pages but we’ll be like, we’re not sure about the quality of these pages yet.

And we’ll be a bit more cautious about crawling and indexing them until we’re sure that the quality is actually good.”

Check out this September edition of the Webmaster Hangout at the 6:47 minute mark:

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