Do You Need Some Tips On How To Keep Pop-Ups From Harming Your SEO?

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Pop-ups seems to be a double edged sword. You both love and hate them, as they can be both useful, but harmful if they’re used incorrectly.

There are some pros to them:

  • Grabs People’s Attention. Since the pop-up automatically shows up when you land on a website, they are great at grabbing the attention of users.
  • Can Help Improve Conversion Rate.
  • Can be Completely Customized.
  • Helps in Showcasing Your Brand.

Here are the cons:

  • A big turn-off. If not implemented correctly, it can drive away your current audience.
  • Intrusive. Pop-up ads, when seen, felt like being forced down to the users’ throat.
  • Spammy. Multiple ones in different pages scattered all over your website directly translate to “spam”.
  • Pop-up Blockers.

Pop ups can be a marketer’s best friend as they have an average conversion rate of 11.09%, but using them can carry risks since Google said they’d devalue websites that use intrusive pop ups back in 2018.

But are there ways you can use them without taking on any major risks?

Aleh Barysevich has given us seven tips we can use that will allow you to use pop ups without harming your SEO.

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Scott Davenport

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