Do You Need A Guide To Creating An Influencer Marketing Strategy?

These days, it’s becoming more and more difficult for brands to get attention online, thanks to the insurmountable noise every other business is making since they had the same idea. Because everyone these days are trying to advertise, consumers don’t know who they should go with – they’ve become skeptical about brands indulging in self-promotion.

This is why there was a different type of digital marketing becoming more popular now-a-days – influencer marketing.

Now, more brands are investing in a significant amount of time and resources into creating influencer marketing campaigns.

But how does it differ from other forms of advertising and why should you, as a brand owner or marketer care?

Ashley Segura (Ward) has written a post for Search Engine Journal where she discusses what influencer marketing is and the variable for incorporating influencer marketing into your own brand strategy.

In the article, she talks about:

  1. What is influencer marketing
  2. How to create an influencer marketing strategy
  3. When to pay an influencer
  4. Finding an influencer
  5. The top ten social media influencers

Check out her post over on SEJ now!

Scott Davenport

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