Do Apps Give HVAC Contractors More Ways To Get Paid? Absolutely!

Many years, when it came to pay a person or business for something, paper money, cards and checks where the only real options we had. But now that we have smartphones, we have been seeing an explosion of apps that allow us to pay others virtually, rather with physical tinder. As we are seeing these digital ways of pay grow in popularity, contractors should think about letting their customers pay with those apps.

In a post by Ted Craig, he mentions how the CEO of Ryno Strategic Services, Chris Yano, said that HVAC contractors shouldn\’t be ignoring any form of payment, which includes apps (like PayPal or Venmo) or even crypto. He said that this is where customers are at. Customers are given more options on how to pay for the products and services they receive, and the contractors get the money they worked for. It make everybody happy in the end.

Check out Ted\’s full post over at ACHR to read more on the subject.

Scott Davenport

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