Creating Quality Videos With Smartphones

If you haven’t heard already, video has emerged as the undisputed champion among all types of engageable content. Using video for your marketing will help you boost your brand visibility ad growth will absolutely help any business, no matter the industry, succeed.

Have you been considering creating video for your marketing campaigns? We can absolutely agree that you’re making the right move, especially if you know of a winning strategy.

But what if you don’t have really nice, expensive camera equipment? Understandably, that sounds like a brick wall, but there are ways around it. You can actually use nothing more than your smartphone for your videos!

Think about it! Today’s smartphones have incredible cameras that have impressive image and video capabilities. If you know how to utilize it, then you can make some incredible videos!

With this Social Media Examiner video, learn everything you need to know to create quality videos using your smartphone.

In their video, here is what they cover:

  • The Importance Of Smartphone Video
  • How to Optimize Your Smartphone Battery, Lens, and Storage for Video Recording
  • Smartphone Video Resolution Settings: Filming In 4K vs. 1080HD
  • Smartphone Video Frame Rate Settings
  • Smartphone Video Lens Settings
  • Lighting Tips For Smartphone Videos
  • Smartphone Video Recording Tips: Focus
  • Smartphone Video Recording Tips: Stabilization
  • Smartphone Video Recording Tips: Film Angles
  • Smartphone Video Recording Tips: Audio

Scott Davenport

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