Core Web Vitals – Will Google Give Us Any Breaks For Slow Plugins and Apps?


Asking for help isn\’t a sign of weakness. It\’s ok to ask for help. There are times where we are will be dependent on others for figuring things out.

In this case, it seems that some folks have been asking about some issues they are seeing regarding Core Web Vitals. Specifically, they are asking what they should do about third party must have functionalities, both in the form of apps and plugins. People want to know if they would catch a break from Google since these apps were created by a third party.

Google’s Martin Splitt was able to answer this concern that dealt with these plugins and apps that were vital to their sites, but were also going to going to create a poor core web vitals scoring because of the fact they would slow the site down.

There are those who feel that Google giving a low score to a site using a third party plugin or app is a bit unfair.

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Scott Davenport

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