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Self-Serve Podcast Ads Arrive on Spotify, And More

In this episode of Marketing O’Clock, the SEJ gang covers several topics including: New podcast ad options from Spotify Insights into the Google Ads feature An array of goodies for YouTube Creators. Jess, Shep and Greg talks about creating campaigns in the Google Ads app, potentially better reporting for RSAs, and more! Check it out […]
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Spotify Helps Businesses of All Sizes with Its New Audience Network

Spotify has taken their advertising game to the next level with three big updates that any business of any size can take advantage of. These updates are: Spotify Audience Network Updates to Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) Spotify Ad Studio Check out the following Search Engine Journal video for more information.
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Spotify Wants To Make Podcasts Bigger Of A Thing, With New Tools To Translate Written Content In Audio Feeds

When you run an HVAC business, you want to make sure you are able to get your name out there to as many potential cliental as possible. So you set up Google Ads, you take out advertisements in as many possible places as possible for the furthest reach you can. But what if there\’s more […]