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Bing Search Results Get Bing Chat Answers

For a while now, there was news that Bing Chat answers were coming to Bing Search results, thanks to Mikhail Parakhin, who leads up Bing Search and Bing Chat, and now, it seems that Microsoft Bing has finally added the feature to the Bing SERPs. Barry Schwartz shared a screenshot over on his blog post on Search Engine Land. […]
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Microsoft Bing Chat Rolls Out Quality Improvements

As of February 28, version 96 of the Bing AI chat has been launched by Microsoft, bringing quality improvements, including a higher response rate to chats and also fewer “hallucinations.” This was reported by Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing, wrote on Twitter. As you can see from the above tweets, the two main improvements to Bing AI chat […]
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New Microsoft Bing Chat Is Now Rolling Out To Mobile Devices With Voice Search

Microsoft has been reported to be rolling out the new Bing AI search and chat experience to mobile, which will use the Bing mobile app and Edge mobile add browser. Bing Chat will be included for both iOS and Android. Not only that, you will be able to use your voice to search in Bing Chat from […]

Bing Opens Up Content Submission API Beta

Microsoft has announced the release of their beta release of the content submission API. According to the Bing Webmaster Team, users can submit both URLS and all of the HTML on the related pages with the URL submission API. By allowing Bing to see both the URL and page HTML, the crawling of that page […]

Microsoft Proposes A Method To Automatically Submit URLs From WordPress To Search Engines

Over at Microsoft Bing, The Principal Program Manager, Fabrice Canel, put in a feature request to WordPress that allow the CMS to push new and updated URLs directly to search engines. According to Canel’s proposal, ““Today, we propose integrating in WordPress Core the ability to notify not only Bing, but also all participating Search Engines, […]

Microsoft Bing Receives A More Visually Immersive Appearance

According to an announcement, Microsoft has been making a number of different updates to Microsoft Bing Search, making a user’s search experience more “visually immersive,” including a number of features like recipe results, expandable search result carousels, infographic knowledge panels and more. The following Search Engine Land article takes us through each update. Read and […]