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Google Images Should Be More Relevant Without Being Duplicative

A new update for Google Image Search was released last November, but this news didn’t hit us until just this week. What does this update improve upon? With this update, there should be less duplicate images, allowing other images to be displayed that are more relevant and more visually distinct. There should be improvement with …

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SEO for Google Images – Search Central Lightning Talks

In this Google Search Central video, John Mueller takes us through the topic of how images work on Google, how you can use images to reach your goals with you site, as well as SEO and optimization best practices for images.
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SEO for Google Images

All websites these day are much more visual these days, and in the HVAC industry, it’s no different. You want to be sure you’re able to get your products and services seen as best as you can. In the following video, John Mueller of Google talks to us about how images work on Google, how …

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