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Clubhouse’s Android Version is Moving Closer

As we have been hearing in the news, Clubhouse, the invitation-only/audio-only app has been the talk of the town recently, especially since many other online and app platforms have been making their own version of Clubhouse for themselves. Clubhouse has been seeing limited audience use since it is currently only available on iOS, but the […]
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Clubhouse Talks About Key Growth Challenges In Their Latest Town Hall Update

With how well Clubhouse is doing on their audio-only platform, there are already vultures circling it – both Twitter and Facebook. This means they’re really going to have to work hard to get as big a piece of pie as they can before it’s too late. Being able to get millions more users under their belt will be […]
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One Year Later: Clubhouse Closes In On 13 Million Downloads On The App’s Anniversary

This week, Clubhouse is celebrating its one-year anniversary, and along with this birthday, the app is celebrating another milestone – Clubhouse is closing in on 13 million total downloads. About of third of that has happened in the US. Read more here
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What Brands Need To Know About Clubhouse (Infographic)

As a brand, is Clubhouse the right fit into your social marketing efforts? Clubhouse, a social app that has caught the eyes of many in recent months, has seen some massive growth recently. The app, which is has an invite-only mentality, has been great for those who wants to stay in touch with the pandemic. […]

Clubhouse Launches Creator Accelerator Program to Help Support Broadcasters in the App

With the sudden growth of audio social, Clubhouse has seen a good amount of acceleration to its growth plans recently. Due to this growth, the platform announced a new Creator First accelerator program that will help the app provide financial support and expertise to a elected group of creators, that will help build them build audiences. If […]