Can Your IP Address Be A Google Ranking Factor?

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There is a debate going round that questions whether or not your business website’s IP address is a ranking factor for Google. There are some who believe that your IP address does affect how well you do on Google, while others say the opposite.

As an example, Woorank says:

Your website’s IP address has little to no direct impact on your SEO. For a long time, there was the belief that sharing an IP address with less-than-reputable websites could cause Google to penalize your site”

At the same time, there is another place that says:

“A hosting server location does impact your website speed and SEO ranking.”

Either way, it’s understandable why somebody would think that IP addresses do affect your rankings because it can be shared with other more “unfavorable” sites, such as porn and gambling websites. If you r website shares the same IP, then there’s a chance Google would blacklist it.

It wouldn’t do your business any good if Google blacklisted the server because of these other websites that has nothing to do with yours otherwise.

Anna Crowe, the Assistant Editor for Search Engine Journal, shares why SEO professionals get mixed message about this topic. She talks about the truth behind IP addresses as a ranking factor. Check out the SEJ article below.

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