Can Hub-and-Spoke Content Marketing Help Improve SEO?

What is hub-and-spoke content marketing? AudienceOps defines it as the following:

“The hub and spoke strategy consists of a main page (the hub, like you’re reading now) with a section that addresses each sub-topic. The sub-topic sections link to a series of articles (the spokes). Each article dives in depth into that sub-topic. This strategy fits easily into your regular blogging process.”

Typically, when we think about hub-and-spoke models, we think about generating content about a broad topic while diving deeper into more relevant areas on different parts of a website. This can help increase organic traffic and keywords rankings, which can help create conversions, leads and sales.

Hub-and-spoke models are designed to cement a site’s authority on the ins and outs of a topic.

Is hub-and-spoke models important for marketers and can they help marketers improve SEO?

Since this type of content marketing has become more popular recently, this is a great time to learn how they can help you improve your website’s ranking in the search engines.

Check out this webinar presentation at Digital Marketing Depot where Zack Kadish and Chaz Marshall share the basics of a hub and spoke model, explain why it works, and show you a four-step process you can use to rank higher.

Scott Davenport

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