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7 Local SEO Tips For Small Business Owners

It’s not a surprise anymore. We have heard a thousand times about how SEO is a vital digital marketing tool. It’s crucial because it makes your website more visible, allowing more traffic to flow through your website, giving you more ...
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Increase Your Revenue Through SEO Cross-Selling

For a basic cross-platform advertising definition, you can think of it in the sense of any other advertising campaign, except it straddles multiple channels, including the likes of radio, TV, paid search, social media, and the like. If you focus ...
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Two Ways You Can Disconnect And Delete A LinkedIn Connection

On many social media platforms, there are usually an easy way of unfriending or removing people from your friend/connection list. On Facebook, you just find that person’s profile, tap below the friend icon below the cover photo, and tap Unfriend, ...
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A Guide To Branding For YouTube Creators

Are you thinking of branding your business on YouTube? If so, you will certainly be heading in a positive direction regarding your overall marketing strategy. YouTube can be a great place for your brand, no doubt about it. If you ...
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How Do Removals Work In Google Search?

Have you ever done a search on a particular query on Google Search one day, found a result you liked, but then when you search for it again the next day, it’s suddenly gone? Somebody clearly had it removed from ...
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What Are The Top Strategies For Promoting A Book On Social Media? (Infographic)

You’ve spent years in your industry, and now, you can call yourself an expert in your field of expertise. Perhaps at this point, you’ve thought about writing a book about what you know because you feel you can share that ...
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11 Google Sheets Formulas SEOs Should Know

Managing SEO tasks can require a lot of data. Although a lot of SEO tools that are available out there includes their own analytics packages, it can be awkward to gain a clear picture of your overall situation while jumping ...
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What Is Brand Marketing And How To Create A Brand That Sells

Brand marketing is the promotion of a brand’s products or services in a way that enables you to structure relationships with your audience.. It involves creating and maintaining brand/relationships and marketing brand attributes. In the end, it gives you a ...
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Google Analytics 4 – More Than SEO

In this episode of the SEJ show, Krista Seiden of KS Digital and former VP at Quantcast talks with Loren Baker about the benefits and advantages of Google Analytics for paid campaigns. The two also discuss opportunities that marketers have ...
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