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4 Strategies You Can Use To Optimize Stale Evergreen PPC Campaigns For Google Ads

Evergreen PPC campaigns can be an important asset for any business and their digital marketing efforts. If these campaigns can be optimized on the regular to represent the current needs and goals of the customers and the business, then you’re ...
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Facebook Vs Instagram Ads? Which Platform is Best for Your Business?

So you’re considering advertising online, but you aren’t sure which platform is better – Facebook or Instagram? In this White Shark Media video, they explore the advantages of both platforms and why using both can do wonders for your business. ...
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You’re Measuring Your Branded SERP Wrong

By controlling the consumer experience on your website, you are able to control how they see and interact with your brand. One of the biggest ways to control the brand experience for SEOS is the SERP. The only issue is ...
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Bing Search Results Get Bing Chat Answers

For a while now, there was news that Bing Chat answers were coming to Bing Search results, thanks to Mikhail Parakhin, who leads up Bing Search and Bing Chat, and now, it seems that Microsoft Bing has finally added the feature to ...
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Facebook Page Likes VS Facebook Page Followers: Which One Really Matters?

Have you ever really wondered what the the difference between Facebook page likes and Facebook page followers are? Which one of them really matters for your brand? In this LYFE Marketing video, they answer that exact question! This video covers: ...
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Google Is Adding Generative AI To Gmail, Docs, Slides And More

When Microsoft first talked about a new version of its search engine Bing which used an upgraded version of the same AI technology that underpins chatbot ChatGPT, Google talked down the AI tool. But now, Google is looking to add its own generative ...
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Is Every Post A Great Candidate For Outreach?

You’re creating content every day, and it’s getting posted on all of your favorite social media platforms. You’re even emailing your list of subscribers If this is what you’re doing, we must commend you for doing what you can to ...
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The Language of Persuasion: What You Can Say To Get Your Way

A great tool for a business is the art of persuasion. With the right words and actions, you can land new clients, gain new leads and win those coveted conversions. Why are persuasive brands so great at what they do? ...
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What Are The Most Effective Link Building Strategies From The Experts?

Why is link building an important aspect of digital marketing? Simply put, links are one of the major ranking factors for search engines, since they look at the quantity of high quality inbound links to a webpage when they crawl. ...
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