Bad Marketing Advice You Should Never Follow

The field of marketing is in a state of constant evolution, and in the face of an overwhelming amount of information, it\’s all too easy to be misled by poor advice. While some strategies may seem appealing in the short term, they can ultimately harm your brand\’s reputation and push away your audience over time. It\’s crucial to approach any advice that appears too good to be true with skepticism and conduct your own research to ensure that your marketing decisions are informed.

As Sophocles once said, \”No enemy is worse than bad advice,\” and this adage is even more relevant today than it was over two millennia ago. Despite the abundance of misinformation available, it\’s alarming to see how many people still choose to follow it. To address this issue, Adam Erhart has produced a video in which he shares five pieces of advice that he is grateful for never having taken.


Scott Davenport

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