Are You Worried About Unengaging Content? How Do You Fix It?

We’ve all been there with our content. No matter what you do, when you create that web page, blog post, social media post, YouTube video or ad, people just won’t engage with it. It can be infuriating for sure!

But if you’re getting people to your website, why does it matter how engaging it is? You’re getting some sales, right? Well, you could be doing so much better.

Why should I create engaging content? It’s one thing to create SEO friendly content, but it’s another thing that will convert that organic traffic into paying customers and clients. Because people tend to focus on the SEO side of things like keywords and links and the like, the components that drive engagement and conversion are often overlooked.

Luckily, creating engaging content can be as simple as “writing for the user.” This means writing content that people actually want to read.

But if you’re stuck with the inability to create engaging content, there is an article that might help you.

Irina Linnik has created a list of the biggest reasons why your content isn’t engaging like it should with your audience. She has even included suggested on how you can fix that issue!

Check out the post over on Jeff Bulla’s website over here!

Scott Davenport

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