Are There Any Better Ways To Advertise On YouTube?

Can you believe that YouTube is 17 years old? Since it’s launch in 2005, YouTube has become the biggest video-sharing platform, and the second largest social media platform in the world, boasting over 2.6 billion users. It’s estimated that the number of users worldwide will climb to 2.85 billion by 2.25.

If you’re a creator, business owner, or marketer who wants to advertise, then YouTube is a great place to get your brand name out there. With the right videos and ads, you’ll have countless eyes on your message, which could easily lead to leads and even sales.

The problem with advertising on YouTube though is that it is expensive, and can be difficult to make a profitable ad. The reason for this is that most people will make the same old things when they choose keywords, audiences and videos.

There has to be ways you can better perform with your YouTube ads.

In the following Neil Patel video, you will discover five ways to advertise on YouTube

  • You need to add the Google watch pixel to your website
  • You need to be very specific with your ad
  • Send people to a different page on your site
  • Continually test new strategies
  • Don’t forget to add upsells and downsells

Scott Davenport

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