Ad Writing Exercise And Critique – How To Write Insanely Better

What is the one thing that holds the link between your landing pages and all of your potential customers and clients?

Simply put, it\’s how it\’s written.

The way that you write can literally be the one thing that causes people to want to come over to check out your content, purchase a product or service, or just be on your site in general. It doesn\’t matter the quality of work you can accomplish, especially if somebody is just hearing about you for the first time.

It may not seem like it, but even small, minor differences in what you\’ve written can be what makes your website or ad campaigns successful or not.

So what makes the difference between the thousands of ads that get ignored versus the few get clicked? Well, it all comes down to how captivating those first few sentences of the Ad were.

Alex Cattoni breaks it all down for you, so you can start crafting headlines that are too captivating to scroll past.

Scott Davenport

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