According To A New Survey, Facebook Remains The Most Important Network For SMBs (Infographic)

We know that there are a number of different social platforms that businesses use to get their messaging, branding and advertising out to the masses, but which platform seems to be the most important of them all?

It seems that, according to a new survey by Skynova, Facebook is the most critical platform for small businesses. In second place and third place respectfully, is Instagram and YouTube.

Naturally, this isn’t always going to be the case for every business in every industry and market, because the products and services you sell will be different from another business, even if you’re in the same industry.

But according to the data, they surveyed 1,000 small business owners, and which social media platform was important for them when it came to attracting new customers. Facebook came in first place in this respect.

Check out the full overview below in the form of an infographic. You can also read the full survey report here.


Scott Davenport

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