A Dedicated Number For Texting Can Help HVAC Companies

These days, businesses need to find ways to really stand out from their competitors. This is why it\’s important for organizations to get themselves a personalized line of communication with clients and customers. Sure, email is great, communicating though social media messaging is convenient, but one thing that can really change things is being able to text a representative directly through texting.

This not only gives them access to you, but you have access them to you as well for easier, personal communication when there is something important to talk about.

There are a number of distinct ways businesses are benefitting from dedicated numbers including:

  1. Branding
  2. Campaigns and Promotions
  3. Automation
  4. CRM Integration
  5. Long and Short Codes
  6. You can choose your dedicated number
  7. 2 Way SMS

Text messaging has become more popular in HVAC, and this is the best time to get that dedicated number, if you haven\’t already. There is no real reason why you shouldn\’t get one.

Check out the article written by Tom Sheahan for more information!

Scott Davenport

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