7 Effective Tips On How To Format Your Blog Post In 2023

Are you having trouble keeping people on your site and reading your content? After all, you put in so much time and effort into the content you create. You want them to stay and at least read it, but they aren’t.

If you think about it, there are people who’ll just scan or skim the content they find because they are probably looking for a quick answer or solution that they’re looking for. They don’t want to spend the time reading paragraphs worth of content just to get the quick 2 or 3 work answer they were looking for in the first place.

This is why, if this is what they’re going to do, you should format your content your blog post in a way that will actually help direct them through your content, while making it easy as possible for them to both scan and read it.

According to SEMrush, blog formatting is “the process of structuring your article aimed at highlighting the key messages and improving the reader’s experience. It includes mapping the header structure, boosting readability, using visual elements to guide the reader, and applying consistent style guidelines.

Here are seven blog format tips by SEMrush that marketers can use to apply to write effective content:


Scott Davenport

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