6 Quick SEO Website Optimization Tips

Are you in the need for some quick optimization tips for your website?

Marketing 360 has come up with a handful of quick tips that you can use to optimize your site, especially if you’re new to SEO.

  1. Do keyword research for said topic, use Google auto-fill or Google keyword planner
  2. Pick your “golden keyword”, ideally long-tail with short-tail within it
  3. Include “golden keyword” in your title tag, the main heading, a sub-heading, and content
  4. Weave the other related keywords into the page content
  5. Add internal links from other pages to your site linking the “golden keyword” to the new page
  6. Track your rankings!

Scott Davenport

Scott Davenport is the content writer and social media man of Thrive Business Marketing and Thrive HVAC in Portland Oregon. Writing about the current events of the SEO world, as well as tips and advice that fellow SEOs could use to improve their own SEO campaigns and shares it for the whole world to see!

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