5 Tips To Help You Maximize Your Facebook Marketing Push This Holiday Season

Have you heard that social media doesn’t drive results, or that holiday: advertising on Facebook isn’t worth it anymore? If you have, the people who have said that clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Social media is a huge driving force in the realm of marketing and advertising.

Here are ten reasons that Facebook marketing is incredibly important to your holiday marketing efforts:

  1. You’ll reach a wide audience for your holiday push
  2. Alignment with both B2C and B2B business
  3. Full-funnel targeting with multiple form of engagement
  4. Audience transparency
  5. Psychographic targeting
  6. Competitor targeting
  7. A Wide range of ad formats for the holidays
  8. Drive traffic directly to your site
  9. Measurable performance
  10. Keep your existing audience engaged

These reasons are great for any time of the year, but are especially important for the holiday marketing push.

So the question remains – do you have all of your bases covered for the incoming holiday season?

If you want to find ways to update your social media marketing efforts, then you’ll want to be sure Facebook is key focus, since it’s still used by almost 3 million people a month.

If you want to make sure you set up your Facebook presence the right way, then check out the 5 tips, written by Andrew Hutchinson, on how you can maximize your Facebook marketing for the holiday season!

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