5 Digital Marketing Tips Senior Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Digital marketing is quickly becoming the primary concern in every company’s marketing strategy. The internet allows you to reach a broad audience quickly, and you can often build an entire digital marketing campaign at a relatively low cost. If you’re a senior entrepreneur looking for new ways to advertise your small business, consider these five digital marketing tips.

1. Hire an SEO Expert
Search Engine Optimization is a specific type of digital marketing designed to inundate your business webpage and its content with insights that keep it high in the rankings of online search engines, such as Google. Keywords are a key component of this process, but there is much more to it than that. Digital marketing experts, particularly Thrive Business Marketing’s SEO experts, can evaluate your website’s performance on a local, national, and international level. they can even ensure that you’re showing up on mobile searches, which is extremely important considering how often consumers use cell phones to search the internet. 

2. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing
Thankfully, if you know little about social media, you can hire professionals who specifically specialize in influencer marketing. Creating a social media campaign entails finding creators on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, who have a dedicated following of people included in your target demographic. You can often exchange influencer endorsements and advertising for free products and services. Experts say influencer marketing streamlines your path to reaching a target audience and creates brand awareness.

3. Offer Discounts for Loyal Customers
Even companies with a primarily local target audience can boost their online presence with discounts for loyal customers. Offer incentives to get customers to shop online. For example, if you offer products or services people regularly renew, offer a discounted subscription plan or customer loyalty program to promote online sales and boost retention. 

4. Make Email Marketing Personal
personal experience in every aspect of communication with a business. You can still send promotional emails, but you need to customize them to make them feel less gimmicky. Some ways you can do that include:

  • Use a personalized subject line with the customer’s first name included
  • Use visuals to keep readers engaged — this banner maker lets you make a compelling banner graphic in line with your brand
  • Try to be funny and conversational
  • Divide your target audience into more specific segments to make better use of analytics

If your email list is too large to manage on your own, consider using automation software. You can find sophisticated programs that churn out automated emails with intelligent programming to make the email feel like it came from you.

5. Tell a Story With Your Brand
Focus your business brand around a personal story. Your “About Me” section should tell customers about who you are and why what you provide is personal for you. Consumers like to know from whom they’re buying, and that transparency makes it easier for them to trust you.

As with any marketing campaign, you want to get your name out there without overdoing it. Start by implementing just a few of these. You can adjust your digital marketing campaign anytime you wish, and you should revisit it often to ensure your strategy grows with your business needs.

Article Written and Submitted by Marcus Lansky of abilitator.biz. Please visit Abilitator, where Marcus helps people with disabilities start their own businesses.

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