3 Simple Content Marketing Strategy Tips For Your Small Business

Let\’s start of by looking at three simple, yet effective content marketing strategies you can take as a small business:

  1. Creating content for your website
  2. Creating content for social media
  3. Creating content for email marketing

Creating content for a website can include anything main web page content to product and service posts to blog articles that fit within your business\’ industry. This content should help your website rank higher on Google\’s search results.

When it comes to creating content for social media, you want to make sure you post content that is relevant to your business, or the products and services that it provides to customers and clients. These posts can include tips, quotes, videos, updates, and the like, all with the point to build strong social trust and brand awareness and visibility.

Email marketing content can include something like monthly newsletters with the purpose of nurturing your leads and customers/clients. The content you write about for your emails can include things like tips, deals and promotions. You can even write about important brand and industry news that might affect your clients and customers as well. These kinds of emails should help you rent space in their minds so when the need of your services arises, you will be one of the first ones customers and clients think of.

Scott Davenport

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