20 Content Ideas For More Engaging B2B LinkedIn Posts

These days, social media is a pretty big part of marketing. If it wasn\’t for social media, we\’d still be taking out ads on television, the radio and the newspaper. But one of things that we think of when we think of businesses posting content, we think of B2C content.

It\’s time to forget that social media is meant for just B2C content. It can be just as effective in the B2B sphere as it is anywhere else.

When it comes to B2B professional, LinkedIn has become the go to site for not just job searches and connections, but for marketing as well. As Login Radius said, \”LinkedIn has become home to 94% of B2B marketers who use the platform to distribute their content.\”

Thanks to the 760 million users on the platform, marketers can invest in marketing their products and services in the B2B space.

But what kind of content should you be posting on LinkedIn? Login Radius has created a list of 20 great content ideas for some really engaging B2B LinkedIn posts that you can use to market your business.

The ideas includes:

  1. Create a compelling company page
  2. Host in-person events with industry leaders
  3. Turn employees into influencers
  4. Encourage employees to engage in LinkedIn posts
  5. Leverage LinkedIn ads
  6. Video-based LinkedIn posts
  7. Short videos summarizing the new content
  8. Go live
  9. Questions
  10. Comparison posts
  11. How-to posts
  12. A \”Top 10\” post
  13. Tell a story
  14. Communication excerpts
  15. Image-based LinkedIn posts
  16. Simple infographics
  17. Memes
  18. Animated GIFs
  19. Photographs of examples or real things
  20. Polls

Make sure to check out the full post right now to get all the details on each!

Scott Davenport

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