17 Steps To Launching Your Site – A WordPress Checklist

Do you use WordPress quite a bit? Are you using it every day?

If you have, and you’ve been using WordPress for a while, you will probably see that there are things you’ve been neglecting over that time, including blog content you saved as a draft and never got to fixing it up to post, out of date plugins and a ton of spam-filled comments.

I know many of us are guilty of these WordPress sins. We get it, you have an entire checklist of things to do to keep the rest of your business up and running, so we get that dealing with some of the background WordPress stuff is being pushed to the back burner.

But now, you see that you should probably be streamlining your WordPress site and get everything back in tiptop shape again.

Anna Crowe has take the time to collect her favorite items and placed them in a checklist that will let you upgrade your WordPress and get it running like a champ in no time!

Check out Anna’s WordPress checklist over on Search Engine Journal and get your site performing like a rock star!

Scott Davenport

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