15 Ways The B2B Influencer Marketing Industry Is Changing (Infographic)

It’s crazy to see how social platforms these days becoming more and more creative, aligning with entertainment, influencer marketing has become an increasingly important tactic for brands to tap into.

As Social Media Today said, influencer marketing doesn’t always seem like a good a fit as B2C, B2B brands are also looking to influencers to utilize influencers as well. With the influencer marketing tactic under their belt, B2B businesses can expand their branding messaging.

This is what the newest ‘B2B Influencer Marketing Report’ found, which was released by Top Rank Marketing. Their report shows off insights into key trends, shifts and future predictions for the B2B market, which can be used for all those in that business space.

Some of the key findings were put into the following infographic.

Check out the full report over here.


Source – Social Media Today

Scott Davenport

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