12 Ways How To Get Quality Backlinks

Is your business on a mission to constantly create quality backlinks? If not, you really need to make sure you get on it as soon as possible. It’s all about building prominence in both your industry and Google itself.

As Google shares, prominence is based on “information that Google has about a business, from across the web, like links, articles, and directories.”

The idea of creating backlinks is important for SEO since they signal to Google that another resource has found your content valuable enough to create a link in their own content that leads to your website.

But what are some ways you can create not only some backlinks, but some quality ones.

According to Ryan Weber, over at Search Engine Journal, here are 12 ways you can go about creating quality backlinks:

  1. Ask to guest blog
  2. Ask your partners/distributors/suppliers for a link
  3. Ask for credit where credit is due
  4. Leverage brands and influencers to share your products or services
  5. Create engaging visual content
  6. Publish original research
  7. Build a useful free tool
  8. Publish Ultimate and step-by-step guides
  9. Use citation
  10. Leverage public relations
  11. Create a roundup or “Ask The Experts” blog post
  12. Mine for broken links

If you want more details on each of these tips, make sure to check out SEJ and the full post here.

Scott Davenport

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