10 Ways to Get Quality Traffic to Your Website

The traffic that flows through your HVAC site can really help out when it comes to getting more clients. The more that you get, the better the chances you\’ll get more business.

Regardless of how many people come to your site, you want to be sure that as much of that traffic is quality traffic. This type of traffic can help you generate leads, and build relationships with them.

In the following Marketing 360 video, they discuss ten different ways to get quality traffic to your website!

Here are the points talked about in the video:

  1. Run digital TV commercial
  2. Run brand search ad
  3. Run retargeting ads
  4. Run ads for very best inbound keywords (keep tight)
  5. Run ads for best social audience (keep tight)
  6. Create great content and share on social media (boost if budget)
  7. Include content in monthly email campaign
  8. Post content to website or blog
  9. Post content to GMB profile
  10. Engage with other content on social media

Scott Davenport

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