10 Small Things On Your Website That Are Ruining Your Traffic

It seems that anything you do for your business website can have a positive or negative impact regarding the traffic flow. Some of the things that can help increase traffic can include creating incredible content, keeping active on your social medias, doing influencer outreach, keyword research, and more. Sure, coming up with with new ways to increase your traffic can be a bit of a struggle, but it can be done if you do the right things for your website.

It seems though, that for every right thing you do, there things you might do to push traffic away.

Neil Patel is here to break down ten small things you are doing on your website that are actually ruining your traffic that you should remove as soon as possible.

These things includes:

  1. Forgotten noindex tags
  2. Thin content
  3. Excessive anchor text-rich links
  4. High-resolution, non-compressed images
  5. Irrelevant and intrusive pop-up ads
  6. Pages with errors
  7. Redirect loops
  8. Orphaned pages
  9. Links to redirected pages
  10. Internal broken links

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