10 Image SEO Tips That Will Help Create A Website That People Will Love

We know that images can either make or break a website. Pictures are worth a thousand words, as they say, but it’s all about the right kind of pictures, right?

As a digital marketer, you have to be careful how you use something like images on your website because that is often the first thing people see when they first arrive. Despite that, it seems that images are often overlooked, although they’re still heavily relied on.

But did you know that over 60% of searches done on Google are image searches? That right there should tell you how important they are.

This is why Search Engine Journal has a post that shows us 10 images SEO tips that you will want to make use of to make sure that your website is in tip top shape from the image perspective.

These tips include:

  1. Use unique images and images with context to get more clicks
  2. Find and fix broken images
  3. Optimize your images to speed up your website’s page speed
  4. Make your images responsive
  5. Optimize image names, alt text and more with keywords
  6. Geotag your images for local SEO benefits
  7. Create an image sitemap
  8. Use image caching to speed up your site
  9. Mark up images with structured Data to help Google understand your content
  10. Make your images sharable

Check out the Search Engine Journal full article here.

Scott Davenport

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