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Microsoft Releases AI That Helps Interpret And Correct Searcher Spelling Errors

It shouldn’t be surprising how easy it is to misspell things in life, let alone online. According to an announcement from Microsoft Blog, about 15% of search queries have spelling errors. Can you imagine, a potential business is searching for ...
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22 Ways You Can Improve Your Online Presence In 2021

When it comes to local presence, you want to be able to know people are able to see your brand and business. How visible is your business to others online? Are the right people able to see you? The folks ...
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How to Master Email Marketing in 2021

Are you a HVAC business? Do you want to market out your business to other HVAC businesses? One way to get your foot into the door is through email. Email marketing lets you stay in contact with your target audience. ...
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Top 6 Social Media Trends of 2021

Each and every company these days needs a social media presence, especially if they want to be able to get the word out about their business, brand, as well as the products and services that they provide. Social media is ...
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Who Are Nano Influencers And How to Work With Them (Infographic)

A common approach to mapping out your HVAC-based influcencer marketing strategy is to go for the biggest people, since they will usually bring in the biggest numbers of potential customers. It’s understandable that that’s what you’d want to spend your ...
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Google My Business Adds Messaging To Desktop Interface

Ever since 2016, Google My Business (GMB) let potential customers to message businesses through their listings, but that was it. You could only chat with customers through the GMB app. But now, GMB has begun letting businesses chat with customers ...
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How to Audit Core Web Vitals

According to a May 2020 announcement, Google said that that Core Web Vitals would become a part of Google’s algorithms in 2021. Google told site owners that immediate action wasn’t needed. According to a May 2020 announcement, Google said that that Core ...
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Google Images Should Be More Relevant Without Being Duplicative

A new update for Google Image Search was released last November, but this news didn’t hit us until just this week. What does this update improve upon? With this update, there should be less duplicate images, allowing other images to ...
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Impactful SEO Audits for B2B

What’s one thing that that can spell the difference between getting new clients or watching those HVAC clients move over to a competitor? The answer is a comprehensive audit of your B2B website. In this Whiteboard Friday episode, Carly Schoonhoven ...
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