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Will Businesses Blow Up With WhatsApp’s New Tools?

Facebook announced some recent updates with their WhatsApp platform. How will you be able to leverage these updates to your advantage? Check out this LYFE Marketing video where they cover the following:
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Dominating Your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp Business enables businesses, such as yours, to deliver faster customer service to those who need it. Once a customer opts-in, they will be able to contact you directly on their phones. This is a good thing when you look at the 56% of people would rather contact customer service via messaging rather than through […]
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Facebook Will Be Allowing Businesses To Create Facebook Ads From Within WhatsApp’s Business Tools

Being able to promote your HVAC business on multiple platforms is always good. Putting ads about your brand out there will help increase your chances of being seen, and finding new ways to do so are always helpful. Facebook is trying to do just that with their WhatsApp app, a little-known messaging app in the […]