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Google Updates Advice On How You Can Control Titles In Search Results

Google Search Central has made some updates in a section of the developer support page that gives tips on how you can control the site title that Google uses in search results. The company lists seven best practices for webmasters and marketers for writing title tags that will help what Google shows in the search […]
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Do Title Tags Count As A Google Ranking Factor?

When it comes to Google’s search results, website title tags are quite important, as they are though to care some weight as a ranking factor. After all, they provide users, and search engines, with context on the respective page. Despite the fact that Google’s algorithm does take title tags into consideration, is it possible that […]
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A How-To Guide To Title Tag Optimization

One of the sometimes overlooked and important aspects of SEO is title tags and title tag optimization. They are an important part of the SEO and marketing process because they provide users and search engines with content on the respective page. People appreciate a fast and quick answer when searching online, and if you can […]
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How to Fix Google Title Tag Rewrites

In SEO, title tags are quite important, as they can provide both users and search engines with the correct context on the respective page. When your webpage gets crawled by a search bot, they\’ll take note of the meta title-tags and use keyword in each one to better understand what that page is about and […]