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Why Are Search Console Query Reports So Inconsistent?

Recently, John Mueller of Google discussed the discrepancies in Search Console query reports and why page and site level reports show different numbers of search queries than the search console query report displays. Query reports lists the Google Search queries that generated impressions of your website URLS in Google organic search results. The number of […]
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If You Got The SharedArrayBuffer Warning In Search Console, Here’s What It Means

Security is an important thing for everyone, and it is no different with web-facing pages. These pages are were hackers are fought as thy try stealing company secrets. Because web pages theses days typically leverage resources from multiple origins (domain), this could lead to vulnerabilities. Webmasters now have a list of different options from browser makers that […]
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Google Announces New Search Console Feature: Associations

According to an announcement, Google has announced a new Search Console feature called Associations. With Associations, you can pull data from other Google properties, allowing you to unlock more functionality for your site. You can connect your Search Console account with other Google owned accounts, such as YouTube, Android apps, Google Analytics and the like. The […]